Dear Life:

What's it going to be today?

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9 am wake up.
10 am pancakes (w/nutella – awesome) and Sunday Morning tv.
11 am shower.
12 pm TO THE BEACH. (yes, it’s purposely in caps – 1st beach day of the year folks!)
1 pm FINALLY found parking. (in caps to emphasize frustration. gah)
Sisterly happiness for a couple hours and with the bf too! Soft serve, clams, sand and beach day traffic. Summer is here.
3:30 pm resting on the couch from my long, arduous day.
5 pm a bit of work.
6 pm make some dinner for the boy and I.
7 pm bad, scary movie. Highlight was when George got the goosebumps from it and I didn’t!! :-p
9 pm bedtime.

It’s tough being me, I gotta tell ya.

Days like today are worth blogging about :)

“Quotes Kept Close”

Digging through a pile of old stuff the other day and I came across a notebook that I titled, “Quotes Kept Close” and instantly starting browsing through the pages. I wrote down quotes from movies, books, friends, love interests, lovies and so on. Here are some of my favorite: 

“Love should be given freely” – Desmond Tutu

“How weightless words are when nothing will do” Philip Levine 

“But he reached for her hand and she reached for his hand and they leaped out the window, holding hands” – Brian Doyle (9/11)

“Me – what do you want to do tonight? Alex – have so much fun!” hehe

“Style alone constitutes a writers biography” – Gail Sher

“Sometimes I like to just sit by myself and think” – Friend, Abby Reid :) 

“Once all of your tears dry, let your troubles roll by” – Carbon Leaf song

“City life: millions of people being lonely together” – Thoreau

“When I’m with you the world feels bigger and better” – Mike (bf) I love that my 20 yr old heart wanted to keep this quote close.. :)

“Pretty girls shouldn’t have to open doors” – Dave (boy) I’m sure this made my heart swell!

“Should I have slept with him” – L (friend) LOVE this because who else should you have to ask that question to besides yourself!? haha College years, gotta love them.

“Every phase in life is enjoyable because you’re in it” – My Mom! :)

“I’ll walk away with you, we can hold hands” – Me to L. Friendship matters when love is failing.

“No matter where the mind goes, the heart always remembers” – Me to myself. Da and Alzheimers.

“I”m grumpy. My computer isn’t working and I’ve got the hiccups.” – Jackie

“I spoke Hebrew to them and they got boners” – Stacy – no idea what this is from but I laughhh. haha

“The sky is the hemline to heaven” – From the novel, “Loving Frank”.

“What Lyndsey was trying to say to me before, while she was trying to flatter me. Well, I could say the same about you, you don’t realize how great you are.” – Michael T. Such a sweet and clear memory for me.

“If you worry about all the what-if’s, you’ll miss all the could-be’s.” – Andy (bf) I forced/pressured this relationship and although it was disastrous, I learned so much from it and from him.

“The most important decision a person will ever make is choosing the right person to spend the rest of their life with.” – Mom

“Wow, look at the waterfalls (on the side of the highway), it’s like we’re in the rain forest!” – Mattie

“To have faith is to believe unconditionally” – The Four Agreements (novel) 

This post has reignited my interest is quote keeping. I think I’ll pull out this little notebook for good.

Happy Saturday!

Things I know :

1. Modern Family is on tonight and from 9 to 9:30 I will be laughing my tush off! 2. My closet is always going to seem bare on days that I’m indecisive and/or grumpy. Most mornings start off with me carefully shifting around pieces of clothing in my closet (as if the assortment changes on a daily basis), whispering to myself, “hmm what am I going to wear”… it’s to the point where George now mocks me for it. On grumpier days its, “ughh, I have NOTHING to wear!”. Working on the whole tantrum thing :/

3. There was a point at dinner last night where George grabbed my hand and we were both thinking about how much we mean to one another.
4. I over-think everything and under value myself. I struggle with allowing myself to believe I’m worth a decent salary or that my thoughts are as great/important as my coworkers. Too often do I question myself and it REALLY has to stop. Like right now. :)
5. Lastly, George is running late and I’m sitting on our steps (locked out of apartment) with a box of Oreos, this, my friends is bad news! “I know” they will be thoroughly enjoyed!!

Why Hello, have we met before?

Round 2.

Blogging gives me such sweet satisfaction, it’s amazing to me how long I’ve been able to go without it. I suppose, like most things, it’s all about timing. Timing has brought me back to blogging – everything else in my life is moving forward, so why should my blogging stay paused?

So, I’m back to the blogosphere with a new title, new hosting site and newly found motivation to keep this part of me alive simply because it makes me happy :)

Other things that make me happy right now:

Mumford & Sons on Pandora (quite literally, “right now”).

The pre-battered chicken I bought for dinner tonight.

An old friendship, once badly bruised, now slowly regaining strength.

This blog:

My Mom’s happiness and ability to ask for help when life gets to be too much.

A new outlook on my boyfriends obsession with Ulitmate Frisbee (yes, it’s a real sport, one that he plays multiple times a week!).

Birchbox is coming this week – I’m sometimes a bit materialistic. Getting goodies of an unknown nature is so much fun!


My sister, Mattie’s text, “Getting my nose pierced in 15 mins…didn’t tell Mom, Lord help me”. Well, can’t say I’m upset to be missing out on the dinner conversation tonight…

It’s June 4th and summer weather is surely just around the corner :)

What is making you happy today?


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